Rent a Vintage Trailer and Make a Memory

Anyone can stay in a motel, this is staying in a memory.

Giving up your bed for visitors is valiant but let’s be honest, you’d rather have your space and your company. Renting a vintage trailer from Vintage Roving is an affordable way to provide great guest accommodations, keep your bed to yourself and give your guests some great memories.

Vintage Roving will deliver and set up a¬†trailer at your location so you don’t need a tow vehicle or any towing experience! We take care of it all.

Vintage Roving, 1970 Shasta Compact travel trailer for rent.

Vintage Roving – Stay in a memory, not a motel…


First night in the same location: $95 per night

Each consecutive night in the same location: $65 per night

There is a one-time hitch fee of $70

The hitch fee includes delivery within 45 miles of our home base of Dallas, Oregon (97338) and includes setting up, leveling and making the trailer ready for use. Bedding is not included.

Please contact us for delivery outside of the 45 mile radius.


Fill out the form below to check availability and book a vintage trailer for your next get-together.

2 comments on “Rent a Vintage Trailer and Make a Memory

  1. vintagerover says:

    Hi Judy and thanks for stopping by Vintage Roving.

    Boy, I am really unfamiliar with Arkansas other than knowing it is beautiful. I did a quick look on Google, and didn’t see any places like Vintage Roving. You might consider just renting a smaller rv and heading out. I know it isn’t the same, but it was a rental that really got me going on this idea.

    Best wishes for your adventuring spirit.

    Vintage Rover,

    Jalet Farrell

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