Meet Foxy Roxy – 1967 Aristocrat Lo-Liner

Finding a new love is ever so bittersweet. Thelma Lou, my second real vintage travel trailer (1965 Kit Companion) is a dream. I love her. But, Craigslist has many-plenty attractions when it comes to vintage travel trailers. Just before taking Thelma Lou on her inaugural family camping trip, my husband sent me a tempting craigslist post featuring this beauty.

1967 Aristocrat Lo-Liner

Roxy, the Lo-Liner low rider.

Okay, so beauty isn’t always apparent upon arrival but, I know it’s in there. Roxy has Moxy. It’s true. And, I’m going to dig that moxy out of this mossed-over, mud-covered, elk-hunting-trip-treated, somewhat neglected girl – just you wait and see! In the mean time, put on your rose colored glasses and view her beauty as I see her in these images taken 10 minutes after she got all snuggled into our driveway/salon.

Aristocrat Lo-Liner

RR Quarter Panel

Aristocrat Lo-Liner Left Rear Quarter Panel

Roxy's got a nice rear end but, like most of us it needs a little 'attention'...


Rear badge 1967 Aristocrat Lo-Liner

Rear cargo door logo badge on the 1967 Aristocrat 13'

You can see all the current photos of Roxy in this image gallery…

3 comments on “Meet Foxy Roxy – 1967 Aristocrat Lo-Liner

  1. Kary -"Louise - Lou" says:

    Roxy’s got Moxy… I love it!

  2. Cindy S says:

    This makes me want to rent the long long trailer with Lucille Ball. Very cool trailer! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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