4 comments on “Hard-won victory over years of neglect

  1. Kary -"Louise - Lou" says:

    I am ready for a Bed and Breakfast at the “Roxy Moxy Inn”
    I am proud of your stick to it ness…. Jalet you inspire me to clean out my sock drawer, my earring box, my scarey what not srawer in the kitchen….. every woman has one.. AND clean the back splash of my counter tops…. GO Mr. Clean and Magic Erasure!
    I love you Thelma Bicep Guns!

  2. Kary -"Louise - Lou" says:

    TAHHHHH DAHHHHH should be the name of this…….

  3. Deborah Gerlach says:

    We were just given a kit companion trailer, ours looks bigger than yours, door is at the back of trailer. I noticed that the stove is the same. Our stove is also turquoise blue in colour. I tried to find other pics of the interior of your trailer as I’d love to see how you fixed it up. Having a difficult time finding any info on the trailers. I’ll get getting all the numbers later today off it so can narrow the search a little bit. I have to re-upholster the cushions for the dinettes and I will need to make new curtains and privacy blind, thinking I’d like to try to find some vintage materials and bring her back to original. I just LOVE the trailer, even if she needs a lot of TLC. Thanks for any info you can forward onto me. Your trailer is great, great work!!

    • vintagerover says:

      Hi Deborah,
      I want to say welcome and I’m sorry for not getting back to you. I didn’t set my account to forward my blog comments correctly. Thank you for your comments and taking the time to tell me a little bit about yourself. I’d love to see more of your Kit Companion. They seem pretty hard to find and so I am glad you got in touch, we seem to be a smaller group than many of the small travel trailers still out there. The Gal over at a cute little blog called http://sugardollytrailer.blogspot.com/ has a wonderful work in progress and the adventure she is having is chronicled . Life got ahold of me and I wasn’t devote time to write, but I am going to be back blogging again this week. I have some new announcements and some progress. PLEASE feel free to comment and post photos of your cutie. Does your trailer have a name? Are you a member of any organized Travel Trailer Groups such as Sisters On The Fly-http://www.sistersonthefly.com/ or Trailer Chix? http://trailerchix.com/ Tell me about your progress and what you are looking for. Maybe I can give you some ideas. I have some photos on Picassa if you would like to see some photos.

      Thelma Lou Progress
      Thanks again for popping in, I hope you will rejoin our conversation and tell us about your adventure.

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