Lifting the slip under the little black dress

Well, it eventually happens. The naked truth is revealed and you have to either come to terms with it in the light of day,  or put the slip back on and ignore the bumps and bulges and resort to comments on what nice closets she has.

Sunday was the moment of truth. Roxy…had rot.

Taking the aluminum siding off reveals water damage and dryrot that is structural

Lifting her slip above the knee reveals some surgery is needed beneath the cometics to put her back in shape, but at 45 this 67 Lo-Liner Artstocrat still has some moves.

It all began when we decided lift her slip a little above her knee to politely inspect a sag and bulge.  It was a task that as a novice was off putting, and yet on the dark side, a bit exciting. Was my worst fear about her structural integrity about to show she had none; or was it simply going to be an insight into her slightly checkered past of neglect, that merely added to who she had become as a trailer, and what potential she now possessed? Could I help her find that potential? Did I have the skill set to bring her inner beauty out so her strengths showed and not her flaws? Would this take a hired expert in the field. OH WAIT, I am the hired expert. The reveal gave us an X-ray idea of the damage. This journey had changed. I was about to leave my firm painting and decorating knowledge base, and dive into the soft squishy formless core I had of basic building construction. I can see what needs to be done, but now I have to run power tools that are loud, can eat digits I’m fond of,  and I am a little afraid of these tools that are to big for my hand. Then, I must learn a few joinery tricks that involve a bit more than screws, hammers and nails, and Spackle. Readers, this is where the rubber meets the road-trip dream. Is Roxy all window dressing, or can some seemingly simple straightforward, time consuming, fear overiding and elbow grease hours take her from dilapidated to resuscitated? Confronting each of those fears resulted in the first ‘Form Fix-Up’. I think I am on the right track.

Now, where did I put that phone number to my building skills 101 life line?

Replacing dry rot and water damaged areas under the tank of the 1967 15' Aristocrat Lo Liner

Sucking up the uncertainty and fear, and borrowing some MOXY from Roxy for a dry rot repair.

3 comments on “Lifting the slip under the little black dress

  1. Kary -"Louise - Lou" says:

    I would have p.p.ed in my pants if I would have been the one to find that.. not only would I have to figure out how to fix it… but how to tell my husband who would feel helpless….I adore your strength… and baby i bet you 1 bucks you dont have to borrow any MOXY from Roxy! cause honey you got. it….I love you -Lou

  2. Kary -"Louise - Lou" says:

    Okay Thelma,
    Here is the Deal… Its time for not only a road trip for THelma and Louise,, but Its time for a Girl Weekend in October,. I cant wait to take our girls and Thelma or Roxy out on the Scenic By-ways to someplace like Carson Washington!
    I love you – Lou

  3. vintagerover says:

    Lou, to tell you the truth, I need that extra “umph” from your perfect kind of love on this little treasure find. Thank you.

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