Adventure, Retreat, Repeat

From the time I was a young girl and saw my first travel trailer I’ve known I would have one for myself. The dream has been decades arriving, but I now have my own trailer and it’s possibly the most rewarding ‘thing’ I’ve ever owned.


Vintage Roving is more than just vintage travel trailers, it’s a vision that has been taking shape over my lifetime, I just didn’t know it until 2 years ago when I drove 225 miles to buy Thelma Lou. On the journey home something changed in me. My new trailer in the rearview mirror carried the last piece of an incomplete puzzle I had been discovering since childhood.

Owning a trailer is fantastic – for me. It’s not for everyone…

The thirst for adventure though is nearly ubiquitous. When I pull my trailer I always feel as though I’m on an adventure. I’m open to possibilities as endless as the road before me and I’ve got the world by the tail. My trailer gives me the freedom to park, disconnect and rove the countryside – all the while knowing I have a welcoming bed and a cozy place to reflect on my days adventures.

Auntie with the newly sewn upholstery I made.

Auntie Mil the 10′ vintage Shasta and her the newly sewn curtains and upholstery. Perfect for a couple or even time alone.

I’ve found that this portable sanctuary of respite is what helps me remember and imprint my experiences after a day of roving. It’s like using something to set the color of your Easter eggs, or waxing some old piece of wood to bring out the true character. Respite is in short supply. Time away is even more precious.

The Missing Piece

As it turns out it was not adventure or owning a trailer that was calling me,  it was respite.  As a girl I knew a little of the importance of retreating and gathering my experiences to the canvas of my mind and allowing the colors to set. It wasn’t until I grew up and let life run roughshod on my days, that I realized just how important it was to retreat and recenter.

Towing Thelma Lou across the mountain pass between her neglected storage area and my driveway gave me lots of time to think – and get hungry… In the little town of Sisters, Oregon my husband and I stopped at a store, picked up some chili, a bag of Fritos, crossed Highway 26 and parked in the elementary school parking lot. That inaugural trip  became the catalyst for more than a meal on wheels. It became a measure of quiet in a noisy world. After twisting open the propane bottle and firing up my new (to me) cooktop to heat our dinner, a lifelong missing piece snapped into focus…

Getting this trailer home,  it was time to get her road ready. That took not only vision, but a good deal of elbow grease. While pulling an all nighter doing clean up, updating and repainting, it was in the wee hours of the morning it struck me like thunder, I found a clear calling. I realized this trailer isn’t just for me. It was mine to own, but more importantly, it was mine to share.

paint cans in thelma lou

It was like seeing my grandmother’s missing earring in the carpet, years after I had given up looking for it;  A prized heirloom restored to me.   The missing piece of my life is not a travel trailer,  it’s sharing a recipe of rest and refreshment. So, here it is my friends – the big reveal on why Vintage Roving exists…

Mil, Kayaks, Ruby, Praise at PRAISE

10′ 1970 vintage Shasta Travel Trailer ready for a unique rental travel adventure. Getaway to recenter, alone, as a couple or even a family.

The Mission

Provide rest and adventure through renting vintage travel trailers, pre-delivered to various destinations.

It’s a simple concept who’s time has come and I believe I’m the one called to make it happen. Truth be told, I couldn’t be more pleased.


1970 Shasta with wings, 1965 Kit Companion

Here are the girls on their first mission as Mobile Cottages. Wilma the 1979 Jeep Wagoneer delivering Thelma Lou the Kit Companion, and Ruby towing the 10′ demure Auntie Mil, the 10′- 1970 Shasta with wings.


Contact me today about bringing one of these welcoming girls as extra guest space ( Mobile Cottage), or let me help you plan your own refreshing rest with a Vintage Roving Travel Adventure.


Mobile Cottage Rentals or Road Trip Vintage Trailer Adventure Packages

One comment on “Adventure, Retreat, Repeat

  1. pat butson says:


    You took me back in time this morning. I reflected on your words and concluded that your ability to convey scenes with them makes you special. I am astounded that without some formal education in the art of communication past high school you somehow find flight on paper with your thoughts. They soar over the various landscapes observing life.

    You are blessed girl,



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