Sister Sister Sale

Related or not, many of us have a soul sister.
She is that friend that spending time with, refreshes us to our core. Chances are good, you had someone in mind the second you read the post title.

Sister Day is in August and to celebrate, we are having a local sale on Cottage Rentals.

Rent Auntie Mil or Thelma Lou for 3 consecutive days during August and save $45.00 off the regular price. This offer good for a 40 mile radius of Salem, Oregon only.


We will deliver a small vintage trailer and set up a (mobile cottage) to your driveway for your girlfriend sleepover. Cottages have cook top stoves, working ovens, water, 12v lights, fridge or icebox, porta potty, and a place to just unwind.  Watch a movie on your laptop, read, drink some good wine and perhaps scrapbook, or giggle all night, no cleaning the guest room required.

Home away from home in a vintage travel trailer.

Auntie Mil the 1970 Shasta interior

Cozy place to catch up with a friend over a glass of wine or a nice dinner. Auntie Mil the 1970 Shasta sleeps 2 in two single or one king sized bed. Set up for indoor or outdoor dining. Kitchen with icebox, stove,  and sink.

Thelma Lou is a fresh cottage feeling trailer full of sunshine. 2 full sized beds, full kitchen, portal potty.

Fresh cottage feeling in this 1965 trailer full of sunshine.  Thelma Lou has 2 full sized beds, full kitchen with turquoise appliances and sink, portal potty available.

One comment on “Sister Sister Sale

  1. Pat Butson says:


    Great word picture ad. It also crosses my mind that if you are a AAA member that have a way to advertise on their website. You might want to check it out. A friend of mine is their President and CEO. They have 220,000 members in Idaho and Oregon.

    Loved the ad………….


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