Vintage Trailers RRAAWWK!

You just can’t beat the Pacific Northwest when it comes to disappointing weather – which makes owning a travel trailer the best thing ever.

This week is Creation West, a four day outdoor concert in Enumclaw Washington with some of the biggest, and not-so-big Christian bands. Think Woodstock without LSD.

The mosh pit at Thousand Foot Krutch

Get rid of your personal bubble and rock out!

One of our sons is really in to this event. He’s the type of kid that begins the countdown clock to next year the second he leaves the parking lot at the end of the show. For him and some of his friends it’s a bit of a pilgrimage.

Basking in the light of Rock and Roll

Basking in the light of rock and roll

The trouble is you can never be too sure about what you’ll get for weather around these parts. Sure, we’re Northwesterners and we’re used to the rain, but who really wants to tent camp in a field with a few thousand people in the rain? Owning a vintage travel trailer allows us to do things we might otherwise reconsider because of weather or other circumstances.

Vintage trailer camping at Creation 2012

A little rain can’t dampen the rock and roll fun thanks to our vintage Kit Companion travel trailer

A trailer provides freedom. A vintage trailer provides freedom and coolness horsepower of about 1000. Both new and vintage come with a cost, you just need to decide which price you want to pay. For us, the price of owning a vintage trailer – dry rot, weight, funky wiring, sticky doors and not-so-perfect siding – is a price we’re comfortable with. The thought of making monthly payments that keep us from using a trailer is a big downer for us. We want to get out there and experience life and our trailers allow us to do just that.

Creation 2012 entry gate

Let the awesome begin!

Living life is where it’s at. Taking four teen-age boys on a pilgrimage to Enumclaw to spend time at the altar of Christian RAWK! is a pure delight. Hearing them talk about the bands on the “Fringe Stage” (Christian rock bands that might find it difficult to get stage time at a church), and seeing their delight at getting signatures on their phones from favorite band members is priceless. Sitting in the comfort of out little cabin on wheels, talking about this crazy life from a teen-age boy perspective is life-giving.

Card games and conversation

A vintage trailer is the perfect place to chill out between concerts

If you’re thinking of getting a vintage trailer and you’re not afraid of imperfection, go for it. When you’re standing with your teeneage son in the mosh pit, jumping up and down to the thunderous beat of rock and roll with your fists in the air , the little corner of lifted linoleum on the floor of your vintage tin can will be the last thing on your mind. Rock on.

Flaming stage pyrotechnics

Could’ve used some of these flames to warm up after the rain finally stopped…

The Trailer Tick

Hello Rover followers. My excellent wife has seen fit to give me a chance at guest posting. Enjoy.

Driving is a significant part of my life. Three days a week I make the 140 mile round trip to our Eugene office. There are a number of ways to get to my office and most of the time I take a very similar route for the sake of saving time. That said, there are a lot of backroads between our front door and the freeway.

The fields of Polk County

The fields near home are a backroad adventurer delight.

It’s on these roads that my keen eye searches for trailers that my dear Vintage Rover might burst into song over. I’ve been bitten by the trailer bug too. I’ve got the Trailer Tick. True story. I can think of 3 trailers right this second that if I had some extra “Benjamins” I would walk up and make a cash offer – no hesitation.

I also like to see old trailers and the way people have treated them with creative license to cover the inevitable blemishes that accrue over years of travel and neglect.

On my way home the other night with our son we spotted a sweet little Aloha “canned ham” out in a vast field just a few miles from our house. The sun was setting and the glow was perfect. The little gem was perched at the edge of a pond with a whispery willow tree waving wind-blown branches over it like Vannah White revealing a new letter on The Wheel of Fortune. I knew I only had a few minutes to get the shot as the sun was setting fast. Photographers refer to the hour around sunset and sunrise the “magic hour”. Unfortunately I was hearing the clock tick away in “magic seconds” before the light succumbed to the mountains west of us and didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked. Regardless, I pulled the Jeep out into the field and whipped the camera out.

It was a beautiful setting and I don’t know that I captured it exactly as it was in my mind’s eye, but it was a fun little adventure if even for only a moment.

Do you see trailers while your out and about? Where are they? Have one that you pass all the time and think to yourself “you know, I should just go up and ask”? Well, do it.

Oh, and if this little sweetheart is your trailer please drop us a line in the comments, I’d really like to photograph the inside too!

Aloha Canned Ham Polk County, Oregon

The little gem looks like a perfect respite in the fields near home.


Aloha Canned Ham Trailer

The magic hour.


Magic hour light on a canned ham Aloha trailer

Whispy Willow, a pond and the setting sun.