3 comments on “Photos

  1. Athanar Wellington says:

    Hello. Just to let you know I lost about an hour trying to see your photos of your Aristocrat Lo-Liner because they are on I-Cloud and I have a pc windows 8. I signed in and got an Apple ID but the whole process is Tooooo fustrating!
    I think I just bought an Aristocrat Lo-Liner 1966 with the two bench seats in the back and sure would like to learn more!!!!! It has no id and the title just says “travel trailer.”
    I have a Facebook account and am subscribed to Tin Can tourists which I enjoy very much and am learning a lot from!

    • vintagerover says:

      Hello Athanar,
      Thank you for letting me know about the interface issues. I had no idea. I will talk to my tech guy. I am very sorry for your trouble and time invested, but pleased you popped into my blog. Tin can tourists is an excellent group. Might I suggest on FB that you also join the group Aristocrats Anonymous. Lou’s beginner glampers is also another FB group that has aristocrats. Both groups are very friendly and helpful.
      Congratulations on your new trailer purchase. There is a wonderful adventure ahead of you.

      Vintage Roving.

    • vintagerover says:

      Athanar, I am not sure my first reply actually sent. I mentioned that there is also a group on FB Aristocrats Anonymous’ and Lou’s Beginner Glampers. Both groups are very helpful and enjoyable. Look them up.

      Thanks again for visiting my page. I will consult with my tea guy about ths frustration. I had no idea,so thank you for bringing it to my attention.


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