Don’t Rush, This Is Important.

A great time to slow down before or after the frenzy of living life, can be as easy as a Sunday drive.




Thank you to the Briggs for taking Auntie Mil the 1970 Shasta trailer out for an adventure, then sending back some snapshots. I know baby X is due to arrive in a couple of months, and I can’t imagine a better way to getaway for some great mom and dad alone time. Vintage Roving loved hosting you, come back again anytime.

Dialing Down

Dialing Down

Autumn. A time to ‘Fall’ back on all things restful, comfy, and slowing the pace of life. Are you ready to dial down and get recentered after a busy summer and before the holidays? Vintage Roving Trailer rentals can be just the quiet luxury you need to get back to the basics. Let us deliver a trailer for you. Oh, your job? Rest.